In the pipeline

A Crane driver's dream! A gorgeous instrument from a top maker, offering a decent range without the size and weight of a really big one. It has clearly led a fairly sheltered life... undamaged, untouched by the bodger's hand, and requiring nothing but routine replacement of pads, valves, bushes, straps etc. It also comes complete with its original hexagonal leather case in lovely condition.

Guide price: around £1650

56-key Crabb Crane Duet




It seems Cranes are like buses - you wait ages for one, and then two come along together. This one is a spectacularly fine example of an Aeola-style Crabb, dating from 1928, and in lovely condition, complete with its original case, and a handwritten book of chord patterns (perhaps by Harry Crabb himself?) On the front cover is a label with the name and address of the first owner, and two mottos: "There is a knowledge that only comes of experience", and "Loudness does not count... sweetness and softness does." Well said, Harry!

Guide price:around £2250

68-key Crabb Aeola Crane Duet




This is, by some distance, the best Jeffries I have seen in quite a while. Another of those instruments which seems to have led a very sheltered life, it has that distinctive Jeffries 'bark' - in spades! Generally, when I buy a Jeffries, I make new 7-fold bellows for it. In this case, though, it would grieve me to discard the original 6-fold set, which are still in fine, airtight condition, so I shall content myself with new gold-tooled bindings.

The instrument still has its original leather case (though with repaired hinge panel) but it normally resides in a beautifully tailor-made wooden case.

Guide price: around £4500

38-key Jeffries in C/G




If one of these instruments interests you, it can be moved to the front of the queue, to be ready for sale in a month or so. For more information, please email me via the Contact page, or call me on  01603 702644