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In the pipeline

64-key Wheatstone Aeola tenor/extended treble

Another fine Aeola, made in 1923, and offering the extra 8 notes above the normal tenor/treble range. Not everyone will want or need this range, but if you like to transpose classical music for the concertina, it gives you so much more versatility.

Guide price: £3250

In almost 25 years of restoring concertinas, this metal-ended New Model is one of the very best that has passed through my hands. Amazingly responsive, quite loud, and beautifully balanced right across the range, it's also a stunner to look at, with the rare glass buttons. AND, at some point in its life, the original, rather restrictive New Model bellows have been replaced with a capacious 8-fold set. Simply lovely!

Guide price: £2450

56-key Lachenal New Model tenor/treble



If one of these instruments interests you, it can be moved to the front of the queue, to be ready for sale in a month or so. For more information, please email me via the Contact page, or call me on  01603 702644

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