In the pipeline

A really nice and original metal-ended instrument from late 1919. It has obviously been well cared-for throughout its life. The original 5-fold bellows, for example, are still in excellent airtight condition, and even the woodwork is undamaged, with none of the usual scrapes, scratches and battle scars.

I will, of course, replace all pads, valves and bushes, and tune it to modern concert pitch, but beyond that, I intend to preserve the originality with nothing other than a clean and polish.

Guide price: around £2500

56-key Wheatstone extended treble



I really can't imagine what inspired Mr Lachenal to add a whistle and a duck-call to his perfectly good 32-key instruments, but this is one of those. I suppose it keeps small children amused...

Anyway, ignore those two buttons, and you've got what I think will be a cracking Anglo. I'm making new 7-fold bellows for it, French polishing the woodwork, and fitting new chamois seals, as well as carrying out the routine replacement of pads, valves and bushes.

Guide price: around £1850

34-key rosewood-ended Lachenal Anglo



If one of these instruments interests you, it can be moved to the front of the queue, to be ready for sale in a month or so. For more information, please email me via the Contact page, or call me on  01603 702644