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Wheatstone Model 21 treble



This is a concertina which I sold to someone in the Czech Republic 8 years ago, and I have offered to advertise it for him, now that he wants to sell it.

It was the subject of my usual comprehensive restoration in 2012, and the owner says it has seen very little use since then. (Apparently he has hands the size of dinner plates, and finds it a bit small for him!)

The serial number is 29309 (1922), and from my recollection, it is a fine example of a mid-range Wheatstone. Certainly the recent pictures show that it has not been abused since I last saw it. 

The owner is looking for £1600... if you would like to negotiate, I will gladly provide you with his email address. (His command of English, by the way, is immaculate!)

Click on any gallery picture to enlarge it.

Click on any gallery picture to enlarge it.

Wheatstone Aeola 64-key baritone-treble



A stonking example of a rare and desirable instrument - a Model 16 baritone-treble, serial number 35035, which goes all the way down to a window-rattling F2. 

It has new pads, valves, bushes and straps, and I have refinished the woodwork in French polish. The original 8-fold bellows are immaculate and airtight, and although the nickel-plated ends were in lovely condition when it came in, I have taken the opportunity to have them professionally re-polished.

It comes in its original tan leather case, also in lovely condition (though I had to make a new handle using old strapping, so it doesn't stand out too much.)

This is a once-in-a-blue-moon instrument, with a range that makes it supremely versatile... don't miss it!

Price: £4000


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31-key Crabb/Ball Beavon Anglo in C/G



Ball Beavon was a top London retailer whose Anglos were all made by Crabb - an association which lasted, I believe, into the 1930s. This one, No. 8952, is a good deal earlier, probably dating from the days when Crabb also made Anglo's for Jeffries - and in terms of response, volume and tone, it's hard to tell apart from my own 38-key Jeffries. I have made and fitted new 7-fold bellows, along with new pads, valves, bushes and straps. The ends have been re-polished by my tame metal-finishing ace, and I have stripped and French polished the woodwork. It comes complete with its original wooden case, complete with strap, lock and key.

In short, this is a top-quality Anglo that will give any Jeffries a run for its money, but for about £1000 less.

Price: £3500


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